EBN in Canada

IIBP with Technovation Network is pleased to announce a partnership agreement as exclusive representative for European Business Innovation Centre Network (EBN) in Canada. EBN network covers 27 European countries with more than 160 members, and has representatives in Brazil, India, USA and Taïwan. Now in Canada.

How may we connect you ?

Our objective for connecting with European Businness innovation centers (Technology parks, Incubators, Accelerators), is to expand our Soft Landing Service so that we may offer our clients more support outside of Canada. We are also seeking opportunities for collaboration and we wish identify possible partners for some of our existing clients. In order to offer soft landing support to our clients we bridge the gap between continents through this alliance.


2016 EBN Internationalisation SIG Executive Committee
Francine Masson reprensents Canada at the “EBN Internationalisation SIG Executive Committee ” (EBN Special Interest Group). This group will evaluate various tools and opportunities for EBN members to support and promote Softlanding for SMEs and discuss bridging the gaps between organizations with shared goals to improve and facilitate Soft Landing Services between countries and continents.

MAY 2015: President Francine Masson is guest speaker at EBN Techcamp congress in Rome, presenting to BIC community our “Integrated Innovation Best Practices Assessment Suite of Tools” at EBN Techcamp.

Offering Softlanding services to international companies coming to Canada, Technovation Network has developed specific support competencies to allow foreign companies to test their market, set-up and develop in Montréal and more generally in Québec Canada, being a perfect base camp to access the Canadian and American Market.
Should you be interested in Softland with us, we will be delighted to answer all the questions you may have !
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