Francine Masson

Francine Masson

Francine Masson M.B.A., shares with you Integrated Innovation Best Practices, the fruit of her observations and the sum of her experience, resulting in over 1,250 interventions with innovative companies, combined with her experience as an entrepreneur experienced internationally. This sums up the IIBP™! Speaker and Author of Integrated Innovation Best Practices™, Francine integrates the mainstream of innovation management, supported by a self assessment diagnosis and a dashboard to help managers better understand the innovation ecosystem, rethink the design of their management or their business models, both internally and externally and use the tools to continue growing.

« The IIBP™, a great new innovation process that we can now offer our entrepreneurs»

Alain Cadoret, Executive director of AGBiocentre incubator in Lévis, Qc

The IIBP™, what is it ?

IIBP™ is a world-class company, incorporating the major trends in managing innovation from Europe, America and Asia.

The IIBP™  offers an overview of projects to implement, from the R & D to sales, Customer service and digital strategy. The IIBP™ best practices model innovates through its integral approach based on proven managements models, all available in a comprehensive roadmap / course for the company.  The company can in this way place itself in its actual context, and above all, understand the itinerary to follow to initiate a change in innovative management to support its growth.

For example, at what time should management activate the development of new products? (ex: Stage Gate from R.G. Cooper)?
Business models: what do they consist of, and how do they differentiate from a business plan? How to integrate the value creation (eg, Blue Ocean Strategy, or The Value Proposition ?), or apply proliferation and risk evaluation in innovation (The study of markets that do not exist)? And many more…

In addition, self-assessment allows the entrepreneurs to work at their own pace and become master of their destiny with a dashboard layout tailored to their objectives.

In sum, IIBP™ is designed to increase management capacity and to therefore assure support to growth of a world-class company in its competitiveness in this era of globalization.

Our method of Integrated Innovation Best Practices, IIBP™ offers an itinerary and develops synergy and a common collaborative dialogue within company teams, to increase your ability to innovate in order to be more competitive. With the proposed Suite of tools, IIBP™ allows you to target and effectively integrate the major world-class management trends, be it in creativity or in market strategies, in operations and partnerships or in complex sales, and all this until the implementation of ERP systems. From the emergence of a new idea, our team of highly-qualified experts is able to meet the needs of all practices of innovation management. Processes of innovation no longer rhyme with improvisation, thanks to IIBP™.