Leader in Innovation Management 2019 Award - Canada

Francine Masson EMBA, author and founder of the MPII (Integrated Innovation Best Practices) is awarded the prize - Leader in Innovation Management 2019 – Canada, by CV Magazine as part of the "2019 SMALL BUSINESS AWARDS".

Tunis 2019: Canado-Belge Mission

On behalf of the OECD, MPII in partnership with H & D Partners from Brussels, conducted an audit during one week in order to develop a tailor-made training course for SME Finance Bank (BFPME) coaches, established in 24 regions of Tunisia

Francine Masson, Guest speaker at the “Spotlight on Innovation” #Healthtohome special event.

Organized by the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital, Mrs Masson will be presenting MPII innovation process. Exporting has many challenges, but with careful preparation and planning these can be overcome. Determining whether your business is ready to export is an important first step.
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