Training Workshops with MPII Innovation management process

Workshops programs with  Best Practices in Innovation Management “MPII” are aimed particularly at “C” level Entrepreneurs and executive directors for all decision and strategic support tools that are presented in the program. However Innovation involves every business sector.

With practical sessions during workshops with team collaboration, this training program is aimed at decision makers, from strat-ups to growing and well established companies.

Although innovation is applicable in each business sector, traditionally, we think of engineering or design, of course! The goal to innovate often being to create a commercial success, we would ideally recommend the Marketing Director to be present with the R&D director as well. In his book “Winning at new products,” Robert G. Cooper says the company improves its chances of commercial success by 75% when Marketing is involved early, and often, in product development and is provided with appropriate budgets for marketing and launch.

The techniques and tools practiced during this workshop are immediately transferable into your current corporate export strategy process.

Teambuilding with LEGO® Serious Play® methodology and materials.

This process will trigger and create individual, team and organizational insights and ideas. Both you and your team can gain insight, understanding and clarification in the context of your organization’s identity, dynamics and functioning. This is to strengthen the processes and to be prepared to take effective decision.

LEGO Serious Play is used in companies around the world for:

  • Strengthen the working relationship
  • Foster trust and collaboration with the entire organizational structure

The Lego Serious Play methodology is adapted to any sector of activity, type of company or organization, trades, teams and individuals. The 3D models serve as basis to communication, observation, knowledge sharing problem solving and decision making.
“The interaction between your brain and your hands as they play, unlocks associations of ideas, prepares the emergence of new concepts and new ideas. LSP is your door that opens to a world of new opportunities and even lead to breakthrough innovations !” Francine Masson


For three consecutive year the MPII/IBIP where presented with the program “Innovation Growth” to Montréal SME in Action with “Parcours Innovation PME”, organized by the Economic Development department of the city of Montreal.

The satisfaction rate levels “Excellent and Very Satisfied” reached a total of 65/66 points. BRAVO to our professional trainers!

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