MPII™, what is it?

Integrated Innovation Best Practices™ (Meilleures Pratiques d’Innovation Intégrée -MPII) is a world-class process, incorporating major trends in managing innovation from every continent, complemented by the first KPI for Innovation  and Global Impact Suite of Tools.

The innovation challenges for every business:

Identify the latest innovation management Tools (from Europe, America or Asia)
Linking strategically the tasks
Identify the synergy between functions
Set goals with KPI and share the performances
Have an impact !

For example, when should management activate the development of new products ? Business models: what do they consist of, and how do they differentiate from the business plan? How to integrate the value creation of The Value Proposition ? When to apply proliferation and risk evaluation assessment with new innovations ?

Moreover, how to measure and develop the untapped potential of the business? The MPII Suite of tools with self-assessment allows the entrepreneurs to work at their own pace and become master of their destiny with a dashboard layout tailored to their own objectives.

Our method of Integrated Best Innovation Practices™ (MPII) offers an itinerary and develops a common collaborative dialogue within companies, to increase your ability to innovate in order to be more competitive.

“Global Impact” sales support tool will make you stand-out, position you product not based on  your pricing but the impact you will have. This online tool will accelerate your sales cycle and demonstrate the impact in real time while with the client, and transform them into a spokesperson to close your sales with its decision makers.

In sum, MPII™ is designed to increase management and sales capacity and therefore assure support for growth to be world-class competitive companies. From the emergence of a new idea, our team of highly-qualified experts is able to meet the needs of all practices with creativity. Processes of innovation no longer rhyme with improvisation, thanks to MPII™.