Are you under heavy pressure with your margins ? Are you experiencing explosive growth or are your distant competitors selling in your traditional territory? Maintaining the corporate culture is a challenge with the arrival of new teams ? Many of your employees will retire and you have more and more difficulty recruiting young people? Your strategic thinking has to lead you to change your strategy and innovate.

MPII Workshops

Our training mode through workshops is supported by concrete examples, often local and always relevant. These examples facilitate the adoption of Integrated Innovation Best Practices, MPII ™  and the networking of entrepreneurs, where participants from several companies take part in the MPII ™ Program. This approach is supported by personalized support by accredited experts. The formula within a company where the workshops  are presented on the spot use practical team work to realize actual concrete projects. These efforts generate immediate benefits for your teams and the entire company.

It all starts with your self-assessment

A single assessment is nothing but a statement – “what do we do now”? It must be pursued  to establish an action plan, to set measurable goals to achieve. The MPII Suite of tools will support you innovation pathway.

First, the Assessment allows to identify the functions at risk:  then a Dashbord will lead to key performance indicators, to be completed by Action plans.
Each person in the company will know what he has to do in order to contribute to the achievement of corporate objectives.

Global Impact for Sales team growth
Your commercialization process seems to lack attention ? Not anymore, with our integrated “Customer Readyness Level”, a new module part of the Integrated Best Innovation Practices (IBIP). A process structuring the sales force, from the idea to the market, developed specifically for businesses who wish to innovate. Contact our expert to find how we can collaborate.


The approach to training and workshops are focused on practical examples, often local and always updated. These examples facilitate the adoption of Best practices in Integrated InnovationTM MPIITM

  • A network formula cohort where participants from several companies are participating in MPIITM Program. The approach is supported by customized accompaniment by recognized specialists.
  • In businesses where workshops are given on site and practical work is done on a real project. These efforts generate an immediate benefit for your business.

Sales force and business development

The marketing process seems to be doing it apart? More now with the integrated approach “Commercial Readiness Level” / “Customer Readyness Level”. A structuring model of the sales force, from idea to market, is aimed at companies that are experienced or launching new products. The GLOBAL Impact sales tool demonstrates in real time the benefits to future customers. Contact our experts to evaluate how we can help you.

Export readyness level

Exportation Assessement tools for your management’s strength and weaknesses before boarding a plane !

Strategic advisors

Executive Coaching: The personalized approach is defined as manager support, to develop his potential and expertise through professional goals, to develop optimum strategies for growth, and to improve the managerial skills of the leader.

  • Consulting services to support strategic thinking on management practices and commercialization of innovations.

“The MPIITM, an excellent asset that we can now offer our entrepreneurs”. Alain Cadoret, CEO of AGBioCentre, major Bio food incubator in Québec.


  • Strategic planning meetings, special events, organizational reunions, professional conventions, annual kick-offs, retreats. Our experts are able to host corporate events and occasional workshops.