Startup programs

Is your #entrepreneurship support program assessing #innovation the right way?

Entrepreneurship and innovation are inseparable. The best way to support companies in increasing and optimizing competitiveness is through innovation. However, we have experienced that programs face many challenges, among which these seem to be among the most relevant:

1. Means: many programs fail to have within their selection criteria, a clear evaluation of their clients based on the assets (mostly human and financial) that encourage internal and external #creativity.

2. Talent: without HR, there can be no innovation. An entrepreneurship support program should be set to understand if a client has recruited the technical staff and creative talent aligned with its strategic plan.

3. Customer Experience: your program should be able to support clients in getting real customer-based feedback with lean thinking techniques on the innovation that they are set to create (some of which won’t even have a market yet!).

4. Benchmarking: following up on your performance and benchmarking it with your peers will help you understand if you are on the right path of continuous improvement.

What are your challenges and how have you solved them?