Identify new levers of attraction to reduce sale cycles

How to define the available budgets for your customers? How to compete with Chinese low pricing ? Or even develop costings with a quick & easy recipe ?

No need for selling under pressure anymore ! To sell more, it’s no longer about selling, simply become a knowledge broker. Present key arguments to your prospects and transform yourself into a knowledge broker and assist by your expertise. 

With the GLOBAL Impact online application formula, dismantle the Real Impact with a GLOBAL solution defined by the inclusion of each of the fields of activity and the repercussions incurred for the customer. Be upgraded as a priority supplier by major order givers, supported by GLOBAL Impact Solutions.

Adapted for the industry 4.0, “Global Impact” is the online tool customized for reducing time to market

Newest module with the MPII Suite, the »GLOBAL Impact » online sales tool for business development. It demonstrates your Impact in real time, right in front of your customer. Hosted in cloud-based mode, the data collected is a major asset to power your ERP system and integrate it into the Customer management relation experience.

Developed to measure in order to meet the highest expectations of your customers specific to your data, « GLOBAL Impact » ensures key arguments, every time.

The process includes: Benefits assessed by fields of activity,  supported by real time Graphics to compare and illustrate the benefits offered to all  Sales force Managers and impacts generated by customer. Customization includes your own logo and the names of all account managers.

Do you have an expanded sales force? Your teams will make presentations with the same professional constant, all over the planet.


“By this process and methodology, it’s now possible to add value to our sales, without moving heaven and earth. With Francine’s Global Impact, we are setting in place a simple online software to allow our customers to measure the impact of our interventions on their current process. Whether for relatively simple automation up to the famous industry 4.0. ”
– Steve Chaput CEO, Ovotech Automation

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