Why such enthusiasm for the MPII training program?

Creativity, innovation, growth acceleration, client experience … all vital ingredients that support your business growth and are on the menu. How to incorporate them all into your daily life? When should the best world-class practices be implemented, and what is the impact on your business? We will answer these questions quickly during the first presentation. Hands-on people, we get straight to the point!

Why participate?

Besides enjoying a dynamic and rewarding experience with committed handpicked leaders, you leave equipped with simple tools and reusable templates, after having implemented them during the program. In this way you build a strategy from your very first participation in our workshops.

  • To master the current trends in managing innovation, business models, value creation and customer experience;
  • To inspire you with the best world-class practices selected from among several;
  • To define your distinct and coherent innovation path relative to your values;
  • To cultivate new skills in creativity and in business innovation.

How to participate?

Whether you choose a private intervention or group participation, the cohorts assemble dynamic entrepreneurs with a bold vision to build a well-structured innovative company, ready to experience growth and change.

You will be immersed in a dynamic environment and surrounded by entrepreneurial teams – moreover, MPII experts are consultants with significant track records, hands-on experience and are entrepreneurial experience. All elements are in place to support you in the road to success.

This network of experts will provide you with invaluable advice through an initial presentation by industry experts, complemented by a series of workshops and individual coaching sessions.

Contact us for more details.

Going for growth and innovation

At the end of the program, you will have in hand a clear vision of the actions to be taken, both in the ecosystem of support for innovative companies as well as creativity or management processes to implement in your business, in addition to have in hand a system of progress indicators (dashboard) designed for you, as a travel itinerary to stay the course and to keep on the road to growth.

Funding / Financing Profile of participants Our promise
Your team is eligible for financial support if you meet certain conditions. Depending on the chosen program, we will be happy to guide you through the process. How to commercialize something not yet on the market is our starting premise.
We work with innovators, dynamic entrepreneurs to develop their creativity, work outside the box and define a strategy supported by actions.
For an existing business that is facing growth challenges, what better way to have a global vision of the various world-class processes by units, in order to integrate all business activities in a global vision. That’s our promise!

6 reasons to attend:

  1. Structure and communicate a vision that harmonizes the totality of your services
  2. Propel your initiatives while integrating each step of the process of innovation, up until the customer experience
  3. Develop tools for generating new business opportunities
  4. Formulate your business proposal
  5. Specify your innovation performance indicators and then create your own dashboard based on the rate of penetration of your innovation activities for each axis of the company
  6. Align your innovation strategies with your growth