Each field of expertise corresponds to the different axes of the trajectory of the MPII (Integrated Innovation Best Practices)TM.
Thus, our team of collaborators is able to meet your expectations, from start-up to soflanding and to refer you to the complementary expertise most appropriate if needed, depending on the approach you choose. The entire spectrum is represented.

  • Intellectual property
  • IP commercialization strategy
  • New product development management
  • Business models and value creation
  • Alliances and international partnerships
  • Strategic planning
  • Operations management
  • Human ressources
  • Financial planning
  • Prospecting, sales and customer service
  • Digital technology

« The program is based on a clear assessment of the issues and needs of the participating company. A team of specialists thus focuses on targeted actions that yield tangible results »

Caroline Ventézou, ADRIQ, May 12, 2015 – Read the full testimony (in French)

Working with an expert advisor from MPII means accessing a world of knowledge in innovation, equipped with the means essential to bring concrete results quickly to the innovative company. The integration of different activities sectors of the business should therefore align with the corresponding fields of expertise. This is where the network of partners makes all the difference and demonstrates its strength. The company can draw on additional resources to meet its needs. High-caliber experts, all recognized in their field of expertise in innovation, form teams in order to establish a continuum and to ensure the relay necessary to support the growing business in its management practices.